Taking a Break, Photography, Family.



Getting some fresh air…

I have a tendency to get really into some projects and set aside others.  This tends to do with the “oh look, fancy” side of my friend A.D.H.D.

With this leap into self-employment, I have been grinding pretty hard to learn more skills in business and keeping up my standard design toolkit.  It was time to step back and enjoy some of my favorite place to be; nature.


Estes Park, Bear Lake – Custer Creative (Cody & Colby Custer)

I learned photography as a way to deal with having poor source images in college and as a way to capture my projects. Over time it has become a part of me that I love to use but frankly need to improve upon. I love to capture the angles and textures that are always present if I can open my mind enough to see them.



– Pictures in and around Estes Park, CO. –

This past week I had the great chance to celebrate my Uncle’s 50th birthday in the wonderful Estes Park, Colorado. My girlfriend and I intended to camp out as I love to do, but the area we were was too inclined so we opted for the floor in the cabin my uncle had rented.

This is the story of family and how it has always been a home and a force of power for me. I’m thankful for the chance to step back from the branding guides, presentations, meetings, logo sketches, file management to sort my head in the fresh air, trails, and peace that is the outdoors.

I forgot my hiking shoes…

I somehow managed to forget my hiking shoes… Sounds like a simple enough thing to remember if it’s something you love, but I did it. My girlfriend was not so happy with me as she is just as outdoorsy as I am and wanted to hike more.  I kind of kicked myself a bit but then realized there was a moment here I need to be thankful for…


We ended up hiking less and relaxing much more in a different way.  Time to reflect on my direction as a designer, the impact I want to leave, and how can I help those that are coming behind me.


I want to be one of the designers who does not only create work that moves, but I want to make sure that the life I lead from now on is one of being dedicated to leaving things better than I found them.

Design updates.

This last week was less productive for me, I often struggle to get back into the grind after a break.  I can say though that for the first time in a long time I am eager to be designing and pushing to create, I guess we can call it work???

I did have a great break though for a concept to give back to the community I support and any others that are affected by Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD’s). My friend A.D.H.D. has helped me lose many hours that I could be more productive and my parents and those who have helped me be successful know this.  I want to help those like my parents and support system.

My idol hands often are the cause of my lack of progress and productivity. They also are the reason I find some of the solutions to design problems I encounter every day. My goal now is to push for a percentage of my income to donate back to organizations who aid those with SPD’s.

Also… Here’s the final logo of Cathy’s Breads in all its glory on her standby page.

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 9.33.00 PM

Thank You.

My Goals Remain.

  • I will keep delivering my best work with hopefully a little more balance in the weeks to come.
  • I will do a weekly update of how things are going and what I am working to keep myself accountable and to share my journey.
  • To create experiences that communicate a simple and powerful message with the aim to move.


Photo credit: Custer Creative

Portfolio: www.codycustercreative.com
contact: codyrcuster@gmail.com