my motivation

Say a little, do a lot. With what you say, mean a lot, with what you do, do it with but a little.

Music and design have always been a huge part of my life.  I formally studied classical music while in my first two years of college, because of this my understanding of the history and purpose of music was exponentially broadened. Through music I learned discipline, focus, creativity, structure, and the ability to feel rhythm. I was fortunate to have some amazing instructors, albeit rather harsh at times, I was truly introduced to what it means to live something.  They showed me how to study a topic or skill, learn it, feel it, and then execute it as consistently as possible.

I began design out of my love for solving problems.  I was always asking why, or how when I was a child, and because of this I learned to explore every inch of what could be.  I started with origami and the one square piece of paper required.  Always striving to make the straightest folds and correct angles, I would repeat the same form until I could do it perfectly.  Through this exercise of seeing forms come to life, I could began to make my own forms based of what I saw in my head.  I have a great love for what I now understand is package design, and I accredit it a great deal to this period in my life.

In my senior year of Design studies at Fort Hays State University, my history of graphic design class was tasked with re-designing a CD in the style of a famous graphic designer.  Previous to this point I had used a pretty simple style, but I never knew fully what my instructors meant when they spoke of “Swiss Design” or any of these designers of old.  It was then that I discovered Josef Müller Brockmann, and the Grid systems.  Through this I learned to have a reason, a concept, for the decision I make.

I believe that it is the combination of these things that has helped to make me the designer I am today. I have, and will continue to strive to communicate a powerful image, story, and concept, as simply as possible.

Cody Custer

Freelance Designer
Custer Creative
resumé on request.

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