Scouting, Thru-hiking, Bread, and Design.

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Seeing past inspirations in your work?

I come from a family with a father who has been a Scoutmaster longer than I have been alive.   Young age meant scouting, as well as a love for the outdoors and nature in general.  We went to every campout we could and learned reverence for wildlife and to “Do Your Best” and “Be Prepared”.

I never thought it would be a hobby or a part of design either.  However, my father has lovingly asked myself to do the t-shirt design for over the last 8 years and this last weekend I was granted a glimpse at the past.


Seen here on these awesome kiddos dirt and adventure covered bodies are 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019 Coronado Area Council Day Camp Shirts.




 – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 t-shirt designs –

I loved the chance to see them all still being used after such time. In that moment I took a second to smile at my father’s influence on both my childhood development and my professional opportunities and the love I still have for the outdoors.

I am a thru-hiker…

This scouting retrospective gave me a chance to stop and think how those times were the start of international hiking.  I am a thru-hiker, and that simply means I hike long distances, usually over 400 miles, in one stretch.

I usually will try to keep all that I need on my back, and while more detail belongs to a longer post, the moment made me realize my love for massive, often difficult and long journey’s started here.

Custer_creative_thruhike_gear_loadout copy_01

2018 load-out for my 450 mile Thru-hike of Norway.  Total loaded weight for 3 days: 27 lbs.

While this may seem unrelated to design and my career on the surface, thru-hiking requires a dedication to a goal that may take years to plan, months to train for, and weeks of grueling weather and physical and mental struggle to cross the country and complete the trail.

Design updates.

My step away from social media has been great if not a bit of a struggle.  I made it a couple days without checking at all and my workflow went through the roof.  I believe more of this is a result of having more deadlines and that it pushes me. 

Focus is always a struggle. I’m finding it fun now to try and keep making it my friend as opposed to an adversary.  A great designer and author James Victore shouts to the end of the earth the following…

“The things that made you weird as a kid make you great today.”  James Victore

Go read his book “Feck Perfuction”… no, really… Go read it now.

This last week brought about progress on Cathy’s Breads design work and strategy.  I love nothing more than sitting down with a client in person and being able to not only discuss if the design work meets our objective and the target goal, but that it will also move those they seek to effect.  Please check out her Instagram here: Cathy’s Breads

Here’s a sample sketch.


Thank you for reading and following.  Much love to you all.

Thank You.

My Goals Remain.

  • I will keep delivering my best work with hopefully a little more balance in the weeks to come.
  • I will do a weekly update of how things are going and what I am working to keep myself accountable and to share my journey.
  • To create experiences that communicate a simple and powerful message with the aim to move.


Photo credit: Custer Creative

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