Making the Move: Going Solo.

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What makes you ready?

I have officially made the shift to full-time freelance and it was not easy but after learning and being motivated I felt the time was right.

I have been honored to work with some amazing clients like who have given me great chances to grow with them and to create together.

A big shout out to Double D family Mats of Prat Ks.  This small family run company takes your used tires that end up in a landfill and creates repurposed woven mats that make it easier for cattle to get around on farms.  We were called in to shoot all of their products on-site and to  redesign their site in a very quick turn-around and you can see it here:

The Hays Symphony has a huge place in my heart as I am a former classical musician and working on their season posters and programs is always an honor and a great chance to push into some different styles.  Here is a sneak-peek at this seasons work:


Their previous work and branding can be seen here:

Cathy’s Bread’s and Pastries is a Small Start-up that is in the works.  She is a locally owned Bakery and Pastry maker with a huge heart and a never-ending dedication to crafting amazing and delicious Bread and Sweets.  Her website will be up in the next two weeks so stay tuned!

In Short: Thank You.

The reality is that I struggle a great deal with balancing my lack of focus and hyper-focus. It is a common trait of those of us with A.D.H.D. and it is never an excuse as I always make my deadlines, but it does complicate the grind when the machine won’t start. I feel an amazing push and a universe of opportunity in my mind one second and the next time I set down to utilize this fount of ideas it decides it’s time to play on Instagram for 3 hours.

I have implemented a daily schedule that I will do my best to follow it including mental breaks and time for yoga as well as an attempt at a healthy diet (this will be hard).

So, in short:

  • I will keep delivering my best work with hopefully a little more balance in the weeks to come.
  • I will do a weekly update of how things are going and what I am working to keep myself accountable and to share my journey.
  • Thank you.


Photo credit: Custer Creative

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