Only the Wild Ones…


I am officially a little overwhelmed.

Doesn’t happen often, but i figure i should admit it and welcome it. It is a sign of good things, more work coming in, bigger responsibilities, more goals coming to fruition, and a uncomfortable push but a welcome challenge.

The plane is cruising and it’s time to jump… Feel the rush, welcome the pull, go with the wind, love the leaving of comfort to join the adventure.

Here we go.

Video credit: Dispatch


Inspiration: After Glow

I find a great deal of inspiration in nature and in anything that will take me out of my comfort zone and challenge me, whether that is becoming a better cook, a better designer, a better uncle and brother, or simply a better human.

When I see videos like this it makes me driven to push my craft as well as myself in so many ways. Through no small feat, Philips and Sweetgrass Productions shot nearly all of this video at night and brought an incredibly new and powerful perspective to a sport known for doing some extreme things.

Filmed in the Alaskan wilderness I find myself driven to get back out on the trail, explore more land, and get a couple more miles under my feet.


Full video can be seen here: Afterglow

Video credit: Sweetgrass Productions – check there site here.