Inspiration: You Need to Hear this Table

I was fortunate enough to stumble across this on Behance the other day.  A really cool way to introduce people to new music and get to see some amazing typography.

This is totally worth the few minutes to see!


Inspiration: From Paper to Screen



Thibault de Fournas of France is responsible for making this stunning video on typography and some of its usages.  A video well worth viewing more than a couple times in a row.

A shout out to Will Hodges for showing me this simply breath taking typography video.  Give it a looksie!

Artist of the Week: Luke Bott

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 14.11.06         Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 14.12.28

Luke Bott is another designer whose style I can really dig.  Being able to vector render objects to have as much character as his illustrations have is something noteworthy.

He is a Kansas based freelance designer and gives me inspiration to no end to achieve what I want to. Here is another artist that will make your life better after checking out, give him a looksie!

All Images the property of Luke Bott

Artist of the week: Dan Christofferson


I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Dan last year during a Fort Hays State University AIGA sponsored artist visit.  I can honestly say it is hard to find a more chill, humble, and down to earth guy.

Dan speaks a lot about concept and symbol based design.  He himself includes a lot of Utah and Salt Lake City based history into some of his prints.  He does a lot of letterpress work but this man is also a killer illustrator and fine artist.

You will be a better person for checking out this mans work!  Give it a looksie if ya would!

Poster design by Ryan Bosse:

Doin’ Work.



Some Custer Creative originals found themselves clear up in Chicago. A big thank you to Amber Hampton and Kerri Soukup of Leo Burnett for giving Custer Creative some really amazing advice through this following year as well as a home for these bad boys.  Thank you so very much!

Inspiration: Light Echoes

An amazingly beautiful display of how light can be extremely powerful when applied in non traditional ways! These guys made a vehicle that pulled a laser array behind it and videoed the effects on the landscape in slow-motion HD.

They say it is the first of many to come and will be videoed in more locations. This is completely stunning and worth a good looksie.

Here is their website:


Doin’ work.